Sleep Apnea Services

Do you really need a c-pap?

  • More comfortable alternatives to c-pap covered by most medical insurances.

  • Free initial exam and airway evaluation.

  • Non-invasive airway collapsibility testing using sound waves.

  • At home sleep studies that require no overnight hospital stay.

  • Official board certified sleep study interpretation and diagnosis.

  • Individualized sleep counseling and education.

  • Custom CAD/CAM airway stabilizing oral appliances.

  • Collaborative care with all your physicians.

  • Hassle-free medical insurance billing and support.

The process is simple.

Sleep study at the hospital hooked up to machines? No thanks. Make an appointment with Sleep Apnea Solutions, and our simple process will determine what your needs might be. From that appointment, you can take a sleep test in the comfort of your own home, return to our office and we will order your custom oral appliance that fits your mouth, and needs, perfectly.

A Typical Dental Sleep Medicine Case:


1. Initial intake records

2. Airway evaluation with pharyngometer/rhinometer

3. Diagnostic sleep test - in the comfort of your own home

4. Follow up appointment with doctor 

5. Physician order for appliance

6. Follow up sleep test 

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